Who we are

Our team in Bologna and Rome

Elisabetta Tola

founder and president. project management as well as data, radio and web production. always on the move.
Francesca Conti

chief executive officer. project management and business development, administration. determined, but gently.
Marco Boscolo

project management, content curation, video shooting, #data. above all: curiosity and a lifelong journey
Angela Simone

EB member. EU project management, public engagement, content curation, social media. open by default.
Lisa Lazzarato

motion graphic and learning object conception and production. creative budding.
Enrico Bergianti

multimedia and content curation. journalist, he loves summer and cycling.
Nicola Nosengo

executive board member. project management, communication plan development, journalism and web editing.
Giulia Rocco

multimedia editor and design for publishing and journalism. serial experimenter.
Giulia Bonelli

web contents, european projects, video production and research assistance. smiling and music addict.
Francesca Camilli

project writer, junior content web writer and multimedia editor, visual storyteller. tireless.
Valentina Marcon

graphic designer, music addicted, sometimes Batman.