Di nuovo in pista

sport and life stories

an Italian web-series on a bike competition made by an heart transplanted patient and his physician

Ivano ten years ago has suffered a heart transplant and now covers hundreds of kilometers by bicycle. His goal is to win the “Scudetto Prestigio”. Gianluigi, his physician, also participates in the cycling races. The webserie Di nuovo in pista (Back on track) narrates Ivano story, accompanying him during the 8 races of Scudetto Prestigio, that were held from February to October 2015.

The webserie, five episodes lasting 5-7 minutes each, put togheter the sporting events and the voices of Ivano and Gianluigi. formicablu followed the races across Italy with a camera crew and managed the entire video production process.

Di nuovo in pista trailer on YouTube – Trapianti in rete


Ivano’s story tells a sporting challenge, but also an important message, that is sport helps people who have undergone a transplant to get better. This message is one of the main goal of a specific project promoted by Centro Nazionale Trapianti who has commissioned the work.

Episodes have been publish on YouTube channel of Centro Nazionale Trapianti (https://www.youtube.com/user/trapiantinet), and reported in a dedicated blog.