Divina commedia for iPad

innovative learning of the classics

the well known edition annotated by Bosco-Reggio converted into multimedia iBook

Dante Alighieri narrative about the three realms of afterlife is also, not only, a travel. Dante travels through the infernal circles, the terraces of Purgatorio or the spheres of Paradiso on foot, by boat or otherwise. formicablu and Emmaboshi, who was in charge of graphic design (http://www.emmaboshi.net/progetti/divina-commedia), chose the underground as a visual metaphor to accompany the reader in this travel.

Once defined the graphic design, formicablu designed the iBook structure. iBook is the Apple format for iPad interactive books. At first we worked with Mondadori Education editorial staff, which has commisioned the work, and be trained by Apple experts on iBooks Author, the software used for producing iBooks. iBooks are particularly well suited for education: its tools and functions are designed to make interactivity and multimedia easy. Additional content, such as audio, video or interactive animation, are inserted through text by means of widgets.

formicablu produced the widgets: several hundreds of extra contents about historical context, characters and places, comprehension checks.

How to use Divina commedia for iPad on YouTube – Mondadori Education

The solution adopted for annotations seemed us especially successful and functional: annotations are inserted in boxes with scrolling text, so that they are always on the same page of the tercets to which they refers, helping greatly reading and comprehension.

The work is divided into three iBooks, one for each cantica. formicablu also managed iconographic research, layout and proofreading, and produced a video introduction for each iBook.

The work is presented on Mondadori Education dedicated webpage (http://www.mondadorieducation.it/sta/Divina-Commedia) and can be found on the textbooks section of iTunes Store, where an excerpt can be downloaded for free. iBooks can be read on iPad or Apple computers.