the way we see it, defining a communication strategy means building a path together, designing it, testing it and improving it whilst putting the involvement of our target audiences at the heart of everything.

we have developed a multi-step working process, from risk communication to climate emergency communication, from issues surrounding the impact of technology on our lives to health issues.


firstly, we identify the audiences we want to address and then identify media, formats, languages and registers appropriate to each.


we go on to define the cultural, legislative and political contexts, and analyze how a certain topic, in Italy or in the rest of the world, has already been dealt with on a communication level.


we put listening to the people we want to communicate with at the center of our work, so we can understand their needs and expectations. we do this through qualitative surveys, such as interviews and focus groups, and quantitative surveys through questionnaires, for example.


once all the initial information has been gathered, we move on to the creative phase, i.e., the design of the communication strategy. in this phase we work on key messages and how to propose them to create product prototypes and define actions.


the strategy is then tested directly with a sample of target audiences so that we can evaluate the chosen media and the materials created. working by involving the target audiences is crucial because it allows us to adjust the focus and modify whatever is needed as we go along. once we have integrated suggestions and modifications, we are ready to put the strategy into practice by turning it into action.


to test the effectiveness of the choices, we monitor our activities and their impact through the use of specific indicators.

based on the feedback received from actively involving audiences, we make communication come alive as a two-way exchange activity. for this we adopt the Agile methodology and continue the work through an iterative process of listening, feedback and co-creation.

skills in brief

Icon Target Definition

defining targets


Icon Content Analysis


Icon Target Engagement

engagement of target audiences

Icon Communication Campaign

communication campaign

Icon Impact Evaluation

impact evaluation

Icon agile methodology

Agile Methodology