science communication can use different channels and tools that belong to the world of audiovisuals, photography, video games, design, indeed so many other worlds that it is impossible to mention them all.

the choice of “format” of a communication product influences its ability to reach and interact with the public it is intended for, but it is not enough on its own to determine its success.


for many years, we have been designing and developing communication products and projects, using the most varied formats, taking care of their content, and inserting them into communication strategies. many editorial products are created in response to specific requests from clients, but some are independent productions belonging to formicablu and its network of collaborations, including scientific and data journalism projects.


from concept to completion, we produce multimedia, educational video, digital animation and scribing, data visualisations and interactive graphics, web series, screenplays, podcasts, websites, and print editorial products. we collaborate with a network of professional, native-speaking graphic designers, developers, cinematographers, illustrators and speakers in multiple languages to produce high quality, original custom products.

skills in brief

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