Cereals – The renaissance in the field

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Cereals – The renaissance in the field

telling the story of an agricultural revolution

the documentary “Cereals, the renaissance in the field” tells the stories of the protagonists of an agricultural revolution and cultural renaissance taking place in Europe. formicablu produced the documentary as part of the CERERE project.

the stories focus on a selection of charismatic central characters found amongst CERERE networks of farmers, practitioners, researchers and stakeholders who have embraced the practice of agrobiodiversity-based cereal production and/or the organization of a cereal short local supply chain.

these people provide a great testimonial to the fascinating world of agrobiodiversity and bring the viewer to appreciate, in an immersive and emotional way, the many positive impacts of choices different from the conventional industrial agricultural approach.

in particular, the documentary is divided in different chapters:

  1. introduction – an overview of the idea of renaissance in the field and how farmers in Europe are changing
  2. the land – farmers and the ‘evolutionary populations’
  3. the scientific contribution – the support of applied research
  4. seed on the table – bread-making and sourdough
  5. biodiversity – richness in diversity
  6. the future – growing up together.
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