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promoting the integration of scientific and practical knowledge on how to manage agrobiodiversity

cereals are the basis of European agriculture, culture and diets. because of this the CERERE project has promoted and facilitated the exchange and integration of scientific and practical knowledge on how to best include and manage agrobiodiversity along the entire cereal production chain, from seed to table.

the project involved a network of people from different backgrounds, including researchers, the professional communities represented by farmers and seed saver networks, and also millers, pasta producers, bakers, brewers, and associations involved in the marketing of products made from low-input cereals.

formicablu took care of the communication and dissemination activities. it developed CERERE’s visual identity and communication plan, created the website, editorial products and videos, and managed the project’s social channels.

formicablu produced a 30-minute documentary describing the entire grain management process from seed to table, telling the stories of local players and communities.