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Discussing innovation in journalism and the new frontiers of information

“Chips&Salsa: Digital, Interactive, Mediterranean Journalisms,” was a discussion and training event on innovation in journalism and the new frontiers of information that formicablu co-conceived, organized and managed in partnership with the effecinque agency.

the event held in Genoa, at the Aquarium Auditorium, on June 14, 2019, was inspired by the work and thinking of Genoese journalist Franco Carlini, an expert on new technologies and longtime signature of the Chips&Salsa column in the Manifesto, which later became a book in 1995.

Italian and foreign journalists attended from the New York Times and El Pais, and from international investigative consortia such as ICIJ to independent projects experimenting with new methods and technologies for verifying information, collecting data, designing and implementing visualizations. from the local to the global, Chips&Salsa was a unique opportunity, in a day dedicated to meetings and training, for shared thinking, reflection and exploration of the present and possible future of journalism.