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helping transplant recipients feel better, physically and psychologically

sporting activity helps transplant recipients feel better, physically and psychologically. the webseries, “Di nuovo in pista” recounts this through not only a true personal story, a sporting feat, but also scientific evidence.

the protagonists are Ivano, a heart transplant recipient, and Gianluigi, who is his doctor. both with a great passion for cycling. the webseries recounts in five episodes the challenge facing Ivano to participate in the 2015 edition of the Scudetto Prestigio, a cycling award consisting of 8 stages.

Ivano’s sporting feat is a metaphor for a whole journey that revolves around an organ transplant. from the diagnosis of the disease, through the possibility of treatment, to rehabilitation and the chance to return to the track again.

formicablu made the webseries as part of the ‘Transplant… and now sport’ project, promoted by the Centro Nazionale Trapianti (National Transplant Centre). formicablu followed Ivano and Gianluigi through the various stages, with a mobile crew filming during the races.

the videos were published on the National Transplant Centre’s YouTube channel and compiled in a blog dedicated to the webseries, which enriches the story with the protagonists’ training sessions, hopes and efforts.

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