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Producing educational videos for high school and middle school students

concepts can be better understood and remembered if some kind of visualization is available, such as an illustrated diagram or a photograph. certain notions can be conveyed very effectively with the help of a well-constructed video, in which images and audio complement and reinforce each other.

formicablu has a considerable experience in the production of educational videos for high school and middle school students, in numerous subjects: biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, philosophy, and teaching. the main buyer is the Zanichelli publishing house, schools sector.

over time formicablu has had the opportunity to work with different techniques and formats, managing the entire production phase: from conception to post-production. in a series of physics videos for the text “L’Amaldi.blu”, for example, using a green screen, broadened creative possibilities. formicablu has experience of shooting in a studio setting as well as filming outdoors, as in the case of the text “Libro visuale. Scopriamo la natura”. also used different animation techniques have been used, for example for the series “Un minuto di biologia”, “Dati in agenda”, or “3 minuti di salute”.

thanks to the collaboration with Pasqualino Anziano, an expert in 3D scientific visualization, formicablu has also produced videos with 3D animations to illustrate some classic topics covered in high school science courses: from biology (the cell, mitosis and meiosis, protein synthesis, etc.) to chemistry (the discovery of the nucleus and the electron, the mass spectrometer, etc.), through to common pathologies of the human body.

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