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highlighting the urgency of improving science journalism to improve science communication

the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the urgency of improving science journalism in order to achieve outstanding science communication, however, there are currently no shared standards for evaluating good scientific journalism.

ENJOI (ENgagement and JOurnalism Innovation for Outstanding Open Science Communication) is exploring and testing engagement as a key asset of innovation in science communication distributed via media platforms, with a strong focus on journalism. Through a combination of methodologies and in collaboration with producers, target users and stakeholders of science communication, ENJOI co-created and selected a set of standards, principles and indicators (SPIs) condensed to a Manifesto for an Outstanding Open Science Communication.

ENJOI is also building an Observatory as its landmark product to make all results and outputs available to foster capacity building and collaboration of all actors in the field. ENJOI is working in four countries: Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain, taking into account different cultural contexts.

ENJOI’s ultimate goal is that of improving science communication by making it more consistently reliable, truthful, open and engaging. Contextually, ENJOI contributes to the active development of critical thinking, digital awareness and media literacy of all actors involved in the process.

formicablu coordinates the project, takes care of its communication and is responsible for research in the sector of innovation in journalism and scientific communication.

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