the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the urgency of improving science journalism in order to achieve outstanding science communication, however, there are currently no shared standards for evaluating good scientific journalism.

to bridge the gap the EU project ENJOI (ENgagement and JOurnalism Innovation for Outstanding Open Science Communication) is co-creating and selecting a set of standards, principles, and indicators (SPIs) to define what constitutes outstanding open science communication. ENJOI will address the challenge by exploring and testing engagement as a key asset of innovation in science communication. another crucial element of the ENJOI approach is co-creation: each action develops from the intertwining of multiple experiences and skills, involving both professionals & experts in scientific communication and users. the process of co-creating SPIs takes place in Engagement Workshops (EWs).

starting from a preliminary list created by the Consortium, producers and users of scientific communication meet and engage in dialogue to co-define the essential elements of effective and transparent science communication. the co-creation process is repeated step by step, in four countries (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal) and the results from one EW cascade into the subsequent workshop. this allows further knowledge to build and at the same time different cultural contexts to be taken into due consideration. the SPIs that will emerge from this exercise will be condensed into the Manifesto for Open and Outstanding Scientific Communication. a further stage of the project paves the way for an ENJOI flagship product: the Observatory. this will provide results and useful tools to encourage development of skills and collaboration of all actors in the field. ENJOI Consortium is a highly qualified, well-balanced and, multidisciplinary network including professional journalists and science communicators; experts in science communication through civic engagement and citizen science; researchers in the fields of the history of science, science and technology studies and environmental issues; science communication and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

formicablu coordinates the project, takes care of its communication and is responsible for research in the field of innovation in journalism and science communication.

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