Enabling creative thinking, foresight and active hope

FEDORA project developed a future-oriented model to enable creative thinking, foresight and active hope as skills needed in formal and informal science education.

FEDORA recognizes that we can’t keep navigating a fast-paced, changing present time with the same old maps accompanying us as a society. therefore, we need to give imagination the right place in how we envision our systems, territories and ways of doing. imagination will be the driving force that will lead FEDORA’s paths and proposed methods into new ways of understanding and practising science education.

FEDORA started out from three main misalignments. there is clash between the vertical and hyper- specialized organization of teaching in disciplines and the inter-multi-transdisciplinary, character of innovation, and the efforts to make research and science an open and collaborative space. there is a mismatch between the formalized and exclusive languages used in schools and the needs for new languages to enhance imagination and the capacity to talk about the contemporary challenges and last. last but not least, there is a discrepancy between the a-temporal or historically oriented teaching approaches and the need to support the young to construct visions of the future that empower actions in the present.

formicablu took care of the communication of the project and contributed to the creation of compelling narratives and engaging visuals.

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