Supporting the design and implementation of gender equality plans

few top positions in academia are occupied by women and women still experience slow career progression. in all research institutions, gender imbalances still exist and are largely tolerated. to tackle this problem, it is important to set concrete goals and take measures at individual, cultural and structural levels.

LeTSGEPs (Leading Towards Sustainable Gender Equality Plans in research institutions) supports the design and implementation of gender equality plans (GEP) and gender balance sheets (GB) in six different institutions and their respective countries.

the aim of the project is to improve working conditions within academia starting with the management of economic resources dedicated to both women and men; structural changes, in particular, ensure lasting and sustainable effects.

Gender Equality Plans (GEP) are plans that include gender as a key criterion or variable, to integrate the gender dimension into management policies. GEPs can serve as a monitoring tool for gender equality.

however, Gender Equality Plans cannot reach their full potential without the use of Gender Budgeting (GB): a gender-based evaluation of budgets, which incorporates a gender perspective at all levels of the budget process in order to promote gender equality. budgets reflect real political commitments and ensure the sustainability of measures.

formicablu has been responsible for the communication of other projects on the topic of gender differences, such as the European project Garcia (garciaproject.eu) and the Gender and Science Observatory of the Federico II University of Naples (www.og.unina.it).

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