Investigating the potential of citizen science as a tool to better communicate

the NEWSERA project investigates the potential of citizen science as a tool to better communicate science, given its increasing spread in Europe and the world.

the citizen science approach establishes the involvement of non-experts in scientific research and a relationship with different stakeholders: citizen science project leaders, citizens, scientists, policy makers, companies, data journalists, and science communicators. these people, with different skills and experiences, are brought together in the co-creation activities of NEWSERA’s #CitSciComm Labs to co-design new communication strategies.

at NEWSERA, we deal with science and data journalism in relation to citizen science. one of the CitSciComm Labs is dedicated to bringing together these two worlds, to enable them to share experiences and methodologies while benefiting each other. journalists can find new sources of stories, while citizen science projects can improve their ability to tell stories resulting from their projects.

we also take care of communication and dissemination, which includes creating the visual identity, developing and maintaining the website, and producing videos and editorial materials.

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