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Monitoring and support policy coordination in EU-WB

POLICY ANSWERS focuses on research and innovation (R&I) policy and governance systems, also covering aspects of education, culture, youth and sport. the project aims to monitor and support policy coordination in EU-WB (European Union – Western Balkans)  cooperation and will help the Western Balkans strengthen their potential to participate in regional and multilateral research and innovation activities, promote regional R&I cooperation and support networking and access to information and excellence.

POLICY ANSWERS pursues these objectives through targeted project activities:

  • organising policy dialogue events that provide space for the exchange of information on policy implementation
  • mapping institutions, programmes, initiatives, and common priorities in the WB
  • providing strategic recommendations for policy and agenda setting
  • providing and coordinating capacity building and pilot actions in the WB to contribute to the EU integration process
  • developing policy recommendations for policy makers in the region in the fields of R&I, education, culture, youth and sport to address key EU priorities such as digitisation, green economy and health and align them
  • implementing regional pilot activities
  • providing an information hub and web platform for R&I, education, culture, youth and sport in the WB to enable better information sharing
  • creating opportunities for joint actions and bringing the WB closer to EU policies.

for this project, formicablu takes care of the communication and dissemination activities of the project and provides continuous communication advice to support the partners in the choice of useful media and formats to accompany all project activities.

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