communicated poorly, even the best ideas in history, risk creating short circuits between senders and recipients.

this is why we believe that it is important not only to throughly prepare the content, but also how to communicate it.


since we began, we applied our experience as science communicators and journalists to help others achieve more effective communication of science. we provide courses and consultancy on different media, the functioning of the media market, trends in communication and public debate on the topics of science, health and the climate crisis.


our interventions include courses for researchers at different stages in their careers, vertical workshops on individual topics preparation for public speaking and for interacting fruitfully with journalists and communicators, courses for creating audio and video products and managing social profiles.


our activities draw on our experience gained over the years within the media market and our teaching activities in several Masters and Degree Courses organized by different learning establishments, including: International School of Advanced Studies, University Institute of Advanced Studies of Pavia, University of Bologna, University of Trento, University of Milano Bicocca, IULM University.

skills in brief

Icon Science Media

science and media

Icona science skills

science and public debate

Icon Science Writing

writing about science

Icon Audio video production

audio-video production

Icon Public speaking

public speaking

Icon data journalism

data journalism