Non chiamarmi terremoto (Don’t call me earthquake)

educating to the seismic risk

an audio-blog and a docu-fiction to reflect upon on how citizens can contribute to reduce seismic risks

April, 6th 2009. L’Aquila (Italy).  3:32 in the morning. A terrible earthquake destroys the city. The city center falls down as well as houses, schools and other buildings in the surroundings. 309 people died. A long and hard pathway towards reconstruction begins.

Just a few months after, in October 2009, we visited L’Aquila with Romano Camassi, seismologist from the Italian Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology with whom we collaborate for EDURISK project since years. Talking with him, teachers, families and a brilliant head teacher, two other projects have been elaborated: Vibrazioni e Non chiamarmi terremoto.

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Vibrazioni is an audio-blog, released online in April 2010. Its goal is to collect voices and stories from Abruzzo, the shaking region. It is available only in Italian.

From voices to video. The further step has been natural.

The trailer of Non chiamarmi terremoto (2010) on YouTube – formicablu

Non chiamarmi terremoto (Don’t call me earthquake) is a docufiction, co-produced by formicablu and Ethnos, to support seismic risk prevention and to spread a clear message: reducing earthquake effects is possible.

The docu-fiction has been distributed by dvd (subtitled in several languages) to schools and to those who requested it. Non chiamarmi terremoto is also on formicablu YouTube and Vimeo channels, where subtitles in English, French, German, Spanish, Slovenian, Bulgarian and Arabic.

The docufiction Non chiamarmi terremoto (2010) on YouTube – formicablu